Solar Air Conditioner Technology

Trinity System

Main features: our trinity system combines solar air conditioner technology, air source heat pump technology and pressured spilt solar heater technology into one system, it supplies cooling and heating air in summer and winter and hot water for all year long. It is energy-saving and eco-friendly.
  • Air conditioner system saves 30-50% electricity.
  • Air conditioner system runs in extreme hard conditions: from -15C to -55C
  • Offers you a suitable indoor environment and keeps you away from air condition desease.
  • Air source heat pump saves 70% and more electricity for heating water.
  • When the air conditioner system is on, you can get hot water for free.
  • Pressured system gives endless comfort.
  • Endless hot water and no need waiting.
  • Drinkable water to improve your life quality.
  • No water scales inside water tank, duration is prolonged.
  • Good insulation up to 80 hours.
  • No water inside vacuum tubes. no explosion in winter.
  • Automatic running, humanity design.
  • Water is separated from electricity, safer for users.
  • Can be installed separately according to your hours/apartment, matches perfectly with your home.
  • Strong adoptability, can be installed on different angles according to different latitude.
  • Economical and useful. One time investment for a life time enjoyment.
  • No pollution, energy-saving and eco-friendly.